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#1 - 2013/10/10 10:26:00 AM
To tell you began playing WoW in Wotlk/Cata/MoP?

All I keep hearing is "yeah.. I started playing back in vanilla, it was really awesome back then"

And when I checked his account for curiosity I saw that his account was made back in Cata.

or hearing some random quotes like ..
"back in vanilla you had to grind for weeks for "x" and nowdays you get "y" almost instantly"

Why are people ashamed of telling when they actually started.. or if not, why bring it up?
Are people supposed to be impressed? :D

I want to hear your opinions on this "trend" that is going on right now. :P

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#92 - 2013/10/11 02:26:00 PM
10/10/2013 11:26Posted by Koripallo
Are people supposed to be impressed?
Sometimes I think that is the idea, it's also about artificially trying to increase the relevance and value of someone’s opinion.
There’s also this natural tendency that we have to give “elders” more attention and importance due to their extensive experience and acquired knowledge, the trick is WoW evolves so much during every expansion that that is probably almost irrelevant to how fast you can increase your skill. (would you be faster at doing so during MoP if you started in Vanilla or Cataclysm? My bet is it would be irrelevant.)

I know extremely skilled players that have started playing during every single expansion of the game.
No one should feel ashamed from having started to play WoW more recently.

What happens is that WoW is a very special kind of game, and because it has been in the lives of so many people for so long, it's... you know, as close to the heart as any game can get. It’s also normal and natural that those players feel proud about it, 8 years (almost 9! \o/) is a huge part of anyone’s life.