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#1 - 2013/10/09 02:26:00 PM
Warriors took over the arena ladders !

(except 5v5 which is full of pro Russians)

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#23 - 2013/10/10 08:43:00 AM
Warrior participation has definitely increased, but the ratings seem to be looking normal right now.
We'll be keeping an eye on things though, sometimes it’s hard to tell if there’s really a need for a quick hotfix from the very beginning of a new season and/or patch.
Players are also starting to get new weapons right now, and that can result in players experiencing sudden changes, especially on the apparent damage output of classes that scale particularly well with weapons.

I know that everyone expects devs to always react immediately to everything but sometimes things should be allowed to go on for a while in order to be able to increase the level of confidence before making any changes, if we don’t, we risk having to keep reverting changes all the time or keep making adjustments if the changes are too conservative. In my opinion that’s worse than waiting a bit before a well thought out hotfix is applied, too many changes tend to detach players from the game. It’s true that sometimes this has backfired, but more often than not, time reveals that the changes aren’t actually necessary or that they didn’t need to be as strong as initially thought out. Sometimes there’s just an initial entropy that stabilizes over-time (because WoW is not an isolated system).