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#1 - 2013/10/09 12:02:00 PM
As all you older Vanilla players know that when it came to factions, the Horde could only play Shamans and Alliance Paladins

Two classes restricted to two factions. This bit of history was skimmed over in an earlier thread.

For those who played wow post classic that is TBC- now, has not had any problems with class restrictions. TBC introduced Aliens that joined the Alliance whose beliefs included shamanism. Also Blood Elves whose army consisted of Paladins.

There are other classes that sound suitable for just one faction or race, though of course most of you that reading this will disagree.

Death Knights (Hero Class, created for those people who doesn't see point in starting a character at level 1) is a class that not only sound faction restricted, but restricted to one race, The Forsaken. The new Monk class, another class that sounds more Alliance than Horde.

The picture created of a Cuddly Panda Monk dancing with an Armour Plated DK Skeleton , does take some imagination if you are not an avid wow player.

What do you think reader, class restriction, should it be bought back?

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#11 - 2013/10/09 04:27:00 PM
09/10/2013 16:18Posted by Pranda
it made raid tuning very hard for blizzard as they pretty much ended up having to have 2 versions to take into account the class differences

Raid tuning was an issue for sure, but PvP balance was also a concern when the decision came to make Shamans and Paladins available to both factions... I believe this decision was made around the same time the first Arenas were being added to the game.

Before then, Shamans and Paladins were often "unknowns" for the opposite factions, meaning that the abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of these classes weren't well known by players of the opposite faction, and that made them harder to fight for many. These "unknowns" also lead to many misconceptions and a lot of confusion, which often manifested in nerf spam campaigns on the forums.

I still shudder from time to time from the memories of having to moderate the forums during the massive "Vin Diesel plays a Shaman" nerf campaign back in 2005/2006 ;-)