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#1 - 2013/10/08 02:48:00 AM
I think MoP is a great expansion. It had a lot of fast patches with lot of different contents. Each patches had something unique :) Not to mention the features and open world contents it had. I did dislike pvp a little as it seems kinda messy with too many spells.. but so far, it is the best expansion for me and I thank blizz for it.

Now, how do you find Mists of Pandaria and what did you like most about this expansion ?
I really liked the open world contents, patch 5.1 questline, the isles(5.2 & 5.4) ... reputation system( yes the dailies. I know :P ) . I also liked Throne of thunder and liking SoO so faar. What about you ? :)

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#15 - 2013/10/08 12:11:00 PM
Excellent thread this, so I'm blue-tagging it :-)

Love the feedback guys, it's easy to read and nicely structured in both positives and negatives. You so totally rock, so please keep the good posts coming :-D