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#1 - 2013/10/04 10:02:00 PM

The time has come! You’ve endured smelly swamps, frigid temperatures, wrinkly skin from swimming too long, and most important, my deafening laughter as you’ve struggled to succeed. But I’m not always as cold-hearted as some of you have suggested, and I think it’s time you put your skills and training to the test. Now you’ll face a real challenge that most of you will fail at . . . err, I mean focus on with great determination. Ahem. Are you ready?!

Scattered throughout Azeroth are skilled tamers with teams of pets capable of scarring the very face of the planet. These individuals are itchin’ for a fight, and this week, your mission is to see if you can take ’em down. More specifically, your mission is to take down 250 of ’em! You heard me! Your effort won’t be without reward, though. For behold, those champions who manage to score 250 wins in PvP Pet Battles will earn themselves one of the rarest pets in the world! My pink bow-wearing compadre will tell you more.


Crithto: *mutter mutter* Stupid pink bow . . . Bred only in secret on the Isle of Giants, the Stunted Direhorn is another deceptively cute companion. Tamers who wish to earn the right to have one as a pet will need to earn the achievement Brutal Pet Brawler by winning 250 PvP battles against other players. Do so, and you can look forward to vicious DPS combinations like Stampede and Trihorn Charge. Equally important is this little guy’s ability to tank the competition with its Trihorn Shield and Horn Attack abilities. Armored and stout, with eyes that will melt your heart right before it punctures your chest cavity, the Stunted Direhorn is a true badge of honor for accomplished Pet Battlers.

Consider for a moment that we’ve traveled back in time three years. There you are inside Mimiron’s chamber, just you and your trusty weapon. It’s all or nothing. No one is around to help you, and you’re about to face off not against a mischievous robot, but a giant red button. Go on! Press it and face the terrors it summons! This mission is much the same, except that instead of pushing a giant red button, you’re gonna push a tiny button a few hundred times that summons similar sorts of terrors and be put into a position where you only need to beat 250 of ’em. That’s all there is to it!

Easy peasy, my missions aren’t so sleazy . . . SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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