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#1 - 2013/10/04 01:16:00 PM
Name your favorit feature of patch 5.4 . and why.

Mine is beeing able to queue for more than one LFR wing at once. I found it reallys reduces time spend afk.

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#8 - 2013/10/04 02:02:00 PM
04/10/2013 14:28Posted by Pranda
flex is really working well for me as a semi casual, no more abusive players, or babies quitting at the first sign of a wipe, bliss :)
Glad to see Flex is working so well for so many players!

I think my favourite feature from 5.4 is the cross-realm Arenas.
I have most of my chars split into 2 realms, so this makes it possible for me to play arena with friends that have chars on only one of those two realms.

Flex and multi-queuing LFR are really nice features as well.