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#1 - 2013/10/04 07:08:00 AM
my castsequence macro seems to be broken.

my shock macro that has been working since forever is no longer reseting the way it should.

/castsequence reset=26/target/combat flame shock, earth shock, earth shock, earth shock, earth shock

Has there been any changes that would prevent this macro from working properly?

After the flame shok is cast, it seem to stick to ES even if i set a 26sec reset and only have 4 ES in the sequence.
plz help!

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#2 - 2013/10/04 11:22:00 AM
Hello Acrimonious,

I couldn't spot anything wrong with your macro so I went along and tested it on my shammy just to see if there was any bug creeping in with our latest patch, but your macro actually worked flawlessly.

Flame Shock is triggered (macro is reset) every time I either: don't hit the macro for more than 26 sec, change my target, get out of combat, or cast 4x ES.

So, it seems to work for me at least, does it fail for you in every situation? Can you try to copy paste exactly the macro you wrote on the post inside a new in-game macro just to make sure there's no errors on the other one? Sometimes a hidden or special character can go unnoticed very easily inside a macro and break it.