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#1 - 2013/10/02 05:43:00 PM
I understand that 19:00 on a Wednesday is a peak time however i think that it is bull!@#$ that i have to wait over an hour to play, i should really be able to meet my 19:00 raid time when i get home a little before 18:00. I really suggest you upgrade you tech because this is really starting to make me stray away from this game:

"Im bored however i cba to wait 40mins to play wow so i might as well just watch tv instead'

I find that i spend most of my time in wow queing to get on a realm instead of playing, people who don't play on high pop realms probably don't have this problem however if you play on reams like kassak and silvermoon you will know what i am talking about. Please Blizz, get off you %^-* and fix it.

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#87 - 2013/10/04 08:39:00 AM
We had some technical problems with our FCMs recently that was making it impossible for people to move their characters away from the queued realms, but this should be resolved now.

New FCMs have been opened today, and is planned to continue until Tuesday next week: