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#1 - 2013/10/02 03:02:00 PM
It's true. Every other place in Pandaria that was once busy and fun to visit a few weeks ago is now just empty and boring since the Timeless Isle arrived. I guess nobody cares to down world bosses each week anymore now that they can gear on the Isle. It takes literally forever to get a group big enough for any of the world bosses now and it feels kind of sad that it's like this so suddenly. I'm currently doing my dailies at the Isle of Thunder on this character and it feels like I'm playing in a ghost town.

I do find the Timeless Isle a lot of fun and I go there myself a little bit each day but I really just don't think Blizzard thought things through when they decided to give all this good gear away for practically nothing and the effect it's having on the rest of the areas in Pandaria. LFR ques are slower also since the gear isn't that much better than whats gained at the Timeless Isle.

I think Blizzard should think about adding cross realm to more places in Pandaria now as it's no fun for anybody to be questing or doing anything in areas when it seems like you're the only person that's there.

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#18 - 2013/10/03 09:21:00 AM
02/10/2013 16:23Posted by Kallisto
Players will always gravitate towards new content.

Yarr! F = m * g(nc)
*nc = acceleration due to gravity of new content!

In case you're finding it hard to do some of the "old" world bosses:
03/10/2013 09:54Posted by Garafeno
try you might find people that still do the old world bosses for mount and gear

... and you could perhaps try oQueue as well, it's a neat addon that allows you to very easily group up with other players via cross-realm with similar objectives as you (killing world bosses, doing flex, etc...)

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#29 - 2013/10/03 10:03:00 AM
03/10/2013 10:40Posted by Ghoulie
Why can't you guys at blizzard just implement a dedicated LFG crossrealm browsing/listing system?

That is definitely a good idea but like always, it’s mostly a matter of time and resources vs current needs.

Many of the ideas from some of the top addons have in the past been integrated into the default game UI.
I agree that this would be a great tool to have but I also believe that this is nothing new to the devs. I’m pretty sure they are quite aware about the current needs for such a tool, especially now that we have such flexibility with all the cross-realm functionalities.

The raid browser, for example, was an early attempt at tackling this.
It worked out somewhat ok initially but subsequent iterations weren’t as successful. I suspect the reasons for this were the introduction of LFR and not having a dedicated button on the main interface (a lot of players still don’t know about its existence).