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#1 - 2013/09/27 09:00:00 AM
So Blizz when are you going to fix EMFH?

Now I don't really care about how OP or how much of an obvious advantage this represents in PvP, but this game has been feeling like Horde vs Humans rather than Horde vs Alliance in the past 2 years.

Nearly every friend I had (on both factions) have either faction-changed to human or Race-changed to human in order to obtain "the ultimate advantage" for PvP, and this is undeniable no matter how much you try to bring the rest of the racials into the competition, everyone will agree that Human is by far the best Alliance race for PvP, and best race overall. Benefits from every other racials are situational.

Every warrior, paladin, mage, deah knight, rogue, warlock and priest is a [email protected]#$%^- blood-elf-haircut-douchebag male human, even the females are getting irritating by now, so mainstream...

My Suggestion?
Give humans something useful, something creative, something good, not just something that is just plain flawless and makes everyone roll this race. And...

..PLEASE, do not EVER allow druids nor shamans to be humans, leave these two sacred classes away from this pestilence or this will be a total chaos....

EDIT: If you're a blood elf haircut male human, don't you dare to /flip your hair in my thread or else you will meet the fury of my tusks!

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#113 - 2013/10/01 09:57:00 AM
Previously, what made EMfH and WotF such strong racial abilities is that in many cases you could simply replace the Medallion with a PvE trinket and you would have more damage as well as getting to retain some form of crowd control removal. With the change in 5.4 resulting in changes to PvP trinkets and item level caps, these racial bonuses are not as strong as they were in the past.
  • PvE gear in instanced PvP has an item level cap, PvP gear has no item level cap.
  • You get additional resilience from equipping a Medallion with another PvP trinket.

To take a quick theory-crafting quote from this blog created by Eldacar:
For those of you contemplating using a PVE trinket or two here are some facts to help you make your decision. The 2600 Resilience offered by the PVP trinket set bonus provides roughly 2.31% additional damage reduction from baseline, which is about 8.25% effective damage reduction after factoring in the value scaling. Furthermore the set bonus will always increase your effective health by 32.11% relative to displayed health, so if you are currently at baseline you would go from 357% EH to 389% EH.

In what situations do you feel that it's more beneficial to be using an additional damage trinket over the Medallion paired with another PvP trinket to benefit from the Human and Undead racials?

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#125 - 2013/10/01 11:38:00 AM
01/10/2013 11:59Posted by Nananamagee
How can you possibly be trying to deny the superiority of PvE trinkets in the light of the past?
I'm not denying their strength in the past when you were trying to push for maximum damage. Going for a PvE trinket by sacrificing the Medallion and having WotF or EMfH was by far a good choice and it's the reason we made the changes in patch 5.4. Now when you trade the Medallion for a damage trinket you are losing out on 8.25% effective damage reduction which equates to approximately 32.11% increase in effective health.

01/10/2013 11:59Posted by Nananamagee
Also what exactly are you talking about PvE gear cap in PvP? The way i understand it is that the cap will eventually rise to the same iLvL PvP gear is by default. so they are equal in terms of ILvL at that time.
We have mentioned in the past that the item level ceiling for PvE gear will actually cap out at 512. PvP gear has an item level of 522 and is unaffected by the cap, this means that PvE gear actually misses out on 10 item levels compared to PvP gear.

01/10/2013 11:59Posted by Nananamagee
You think that the survivability boost given by the trinket duo will suddenly make people who try to max damage in any ways possible to not try to max damage in any way possible?
It's a trade-off now and more of a choice. In the past, while not necessary, it was better to have the second damage trinket; now it's a choice between damage and survivability rather than how it was in the past where you got damage and sacrificed very little.

I’m not saying that EMfH isn’t a strong racial, and the same goes for many of the racials that are available, but the changes which occurred in patch 5.4 have helped to deal with the popularity of choosing to remove the Medallion in favor of an extra damage trinket.