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#1 - 2013/09/30 05:41:00 PM
English Version :)

Well, at first i wanna apologize for my bad english :)

Two days ago i bought 2 mounts (armored bloodwing & heart of the aspects), and today the seller canceled the purchase, anyway i tought this type of transaction was the same as TCG which is not illegal, ok i lost 27k without refund from blizz, this part is ok, i deserve it ^^.

After this i asked to freeze my account or refund it, i have 180 days on it because my account is bugged ( I cant acess my [WoW1]), i cant use my credit card and NOTHING, so a gm did this for me, she took all my founds and put it as game time.

But the answer was nop, we cant do this... like a guys who stole more than 50 people can refund all the transactions and i cant refund a simple game time.

Anyway, i lost 27k gold, i lost 180 days of game time and i still cant acess my [wow1], so blizzard why are you asking: "Where is our players, why they're stopping to play?"

Well that's my reason, so ofc if someone ask me what i think about blizzard i would say: Bad support, they only want your money as every company ^^

Versão Portugues - BR

Dois dias atras eu comprei 2 mounts de dollar por gold ( Amored bloodwing e Heart of the Aspects) e hoje o vendedor cancelou a compra, de qualquer forma eu pensei que esse tipo de transação era a mesma
que tcg que nao é olegal, beleza perdi 27k e a blizzard ja falou que nao tem como devolver, ok até ai eu mereci por fazer algo que nao consta na EULA.

Depois disso eu perguntei se eu poderia congelar ou pedir reembolso do meu game time, como minha conta [wow1] esta bugada a mais de um mes, eu nao consigo acessar ela, nao consigo creditar ela de forma alguma
entao uma GM me ajudou e transformou todo meu saldo em dias.

QUando eu perguntei eu recebi a resposta :" Não, nao podemos".... tipo um cara que engana mais de 50 pessoas rouba o inferno de gold consegue cancelar as compras sem problema algum e eu que quero dar refund
em um simples game time nao consigo.

Bom, eu perdi 27k de gold, 180 dias de game time porque algo que era pra ser divertido só esta me atrapalhando e a blizzard tem coragem de perguntar "ONDE ESTAO OS PLAYERS?" por favor né....

Esse é o meu motivo de estar parando de jogar e claro se alguem me perguntar o que eu acho da Blizzard eu vou dizer: Support ruim, eles apenas querem seu dinheiro como qualquer outra empresa, porque em que mundo
um ladrao consegue fazer tudo isso e eu nao consigo cancelar um simples game time.

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#70 - 2013/09/30 09:59:00 PM
09/30/2013 12:52 PMPosted by Victoriana
So, if they undo the puchased why is so hard to undo the trade? Hey have billions and tons of logs...

It isn't difficult to do, exactly, it is a matter of policy and what our support staff will and will not assist with. Conceivably it is a simple matter to simply return any of the gold/items that had been traded, as often the trade itself can be verified. However, that would removed one of the biggest deterrents in participating these types of unsupported transactions, the risk involved in doing so.

After all, if we return the funds there is little risk taking the chance that one would lose anything if they were to continue to engage in these kinds of dealings. When we say that they are unsupported, that is exactly what they are.

Now, that doesn't mean that we will not to everything in our power to address those who are attempting to scam others. We investigate those claims and when verified take appropriate actions on those found to be doing so. The penalty is fairly harsh and almost always includes the removal of those ill gotten gains.

As for as I'm aware they cannot convert Battlenet Balance to game time.

Generally not. However, given that Victoriana could not add game time manually and none of the normal troubleshooting steps were working. Our Billing and Account Service department did what they could so that they could continue playing.

Victoriana, I am sorry that you have had such a negative experience with the page. As you noted the time was converted to allow you to add game time to the account. Please note though that we in no way consider the issue to be resolved. The rep you originally spoke with added your account to a report that was sent up for investigation. You are not the only one experiencing this particular bug, and while there aren't a lot of reports so far we want to get such issues resolved as soon as possible so that you can manage your account yourself.

We tend not to refund game time once purchased, especially for "bugs", as your ticket seems to indicate. Only in very rare circumstances would that happen which I do not believe this situation qualifies. Additionally, I'm afraid there really and option to "freeze" the account. I'm sorry.

It seems you are able to play normally, though not added the account through the website, hopefully that issue can be resolved by our webteam soon but it may be a good idea to post in the Website Bug Report forum as well. Our webteam is aware of the issue and are working on it but it may give others who are experiencing the same issue the opportunity to post as well. More examples are usually a good thing.

Good luck.


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#108 - 2013/10/01 03:14:00 AM
The issue with your account management being bugged has gone on for 45 days.
I know Blizzard prefers to fix things from a development standpoint but there reaches a point when an individual solution is needed.

I'm not understanding what you mean, Arizza. All currently available troubleshooting steps have been tried. There really isn't an "individual solution" available, outside of the work around that we provided so that game time could be added to the account in lieu of the option not being available manually. I'm not entirely certain what other options would be available that would fall outside of a "developmental standpoint", as you put it.

As it stands there is really would only be a developmental/web/programming solution that could resolve the issue, which is what is being looked into. That requires tracking down what may be causing the issue that is affecting a fairly small number of accounts. I mention the portion of accounts impacted not as an indication of priority but to illustrate the limited amount of data available. Our staff continues to work on the issue, and will implement a resolution as soon as one is found.

I imagine there are few who do not sympathize with the situation and understand the frustration these types of issues can cause. Unfortunately, there is little else that can be accomplished by continuing this discussion and we seem to be going in circles to a degree so I will be locking this thread.

I wish you well, Victoriana, and hope that a resolution to the issue can be found soon.


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