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#1 - 2013/09/30 01:01:00 PM
hello, sinds the begining of 5.4 if done every flex lfr and 3x the world boss with extra loot.

on bosses 1 and 2 in flex and lfr i also used the extra loot. that makes it 12 loot from those bosses. and 6x on world boss.

in LFR FLEX and normal all the items i got where the stonetoe Shoes on boss 2 i got the boots like 10x !! and on the 4rth boss i got the tier pice 4x !!. for the rest in the raids NOTHING i repeat NOTHING dropped for me not a single thing just gold.
if spend 4 weeks raiding in LFRS FLEXS and normals and this just feels to me that its not fair for the people that do spend time in gearing and get absolutly nothing. my suggestion is compromise people that do not get loot for 2-3 weeks that they atleast can get 1 new item IF they have done FLEX and LFRS. because i see some people get 3-4 new items a week.

regards zicorix.

please leave your comment and suggestion about this idea cause it realy bothers me i did not time wel spend but time well wasted 4 weeks to be right.

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#2 - 2013/09/30 01:29:00 PM
Hey Zicorixss,
If you have suggestions for improvements then you need to submit them in-game so they go to the right people, it's not something we assist with on the forums.