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#1 - 2013/09/28 09:58:00 AM
would be nice if we could have the option to opt only to fight against double dps vs double dps in twos.

fighting healer + dps in twos is really obnoxious.. and cheesy

twos is mainly for fun and capping points, healers have there place in 3's

i'm not saying healers should'nt play two's but if they do it should be vs other healer/dps teams.

the option to play against only other double dps teams in twos would be a really nice qol change for people who don't have lots of time on there hands to play long drawn out 2v2 games v immortal healers.

I played 2's in arena for the first time last Wednesday and like 70% of the teams had a disc/holy priest, it's so cheesy and pathetic.

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#227 - 2013/09/29 07:36:00 AM
Unfortunately this thread has derailed, so we’re locking it at this point. Please continue any constructive discussions in a new thread if necessary.