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#1 - 2013/09/27 05:37:00 AM
Dev Watercooler: Dissecting Patch 5.4 Class Changes - August 12

"Given that Hunters already have a lot of cooldowns, situational abilities, and just buttons in general, we didn’t think Readiness was worth saving. We did make small buffs to Deterrence and Disengage" - GC

Twitter July 13

@GC: "3m Deterrence w/2 charges is worse than 2m w/Readiness. This is a big nerf to PVE AND PVP survivability. Intended?"

GC: "It's 2 every 3 min rather than 1 every 2 min with 2 every 2 min once every 5 min. If that makes sense...."

Live on WoW right now

3 minute recharge (2 with CTHC)
Charges do not charge simultaneously which means you get 1 charge every 3 minutes, not 2 charges every 3 minutes like GC said on twitter. It is a nerf from the state of deterrence pre-5.4 where there was only 1 charge but it had a 2 minute cooldown, meaning you get 1.5 charges every 3 minutes. With CTHC (the most popular talent in the tier by far) the new deterrence is 1 charge per 2 minutes, while pre-5.4 it was 1 charge per 1 minute.

The change to deterrence was a nerf, not a buff like the watercooler said, and the way GC describes charges on twitter is not they way they are functioning on live.

Twitter September 17

@ GC: "Example A: Deterrence doesn't work how it is supposed to work and is half as strong as it is supposed to be. no fix"

GC: "Deterrence in 5.4 is working as intended. The charge system has proven challenging to explain / understand."

First of all, I understand it just fine. This begs a few questions though:

1. Why hasn't GC tweeted an apology for completely misunderstanding the way deterrence charges work?
2. If the nerf was a mistake, why haven't they fixed it?
3. If the nerf wasn't a mistake, why haven't they made any clarifications or justifications as to why it was nerfed instead of being buffed in compensation to the loss of readiness like they said it would be?

The implementation of 2 charges was clearly a way to allow hunters to have a double deterrence like they did with readiness, the change was obviously a result of the loss of readiness, so why did it end up not only being a nerf instead of a buff, but a HUGE nerf instead of a small buff?

Over an approximately 10 minute fight:
Old deterrence (1 minute CTHC CD with readiness) - about 12 to 13 possible uses of deterrence over the duration of the fight
New deterrence (2 minute CTHC CD with 2 charges) - about 6 to 7 possible uses of deterrence over the duration of the fight

Please, some clarifications from a dev would be very nice. I want to know why deterrence was nerfed hard when it was supposed to be given a small buff, why GC didn't clarify his tweet about how deterrence charges work and why we haven't been given any explanation as to why the ability was nerfed in the first place.

Let's not just let this one go down in the books for later generations to reference again and again.

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#71 - 2013/09/27 09:08:00 PM
I understand why there would be some confusion about Deterrence's function in 5.4. And yes, it's a nerf in cases where you were using it more or less on cooldown every minute for longer than about 4 minutes.

However, in cases where you'd like to use it more than once inside a 1-minute period, the new Deterrence is a significant buff. Previously, that couldn't be done without using Readiness, and the vast majority of players weren't saving Readiness for Deterrence.

It's different now, sure, but we like how the new version is working.