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#1 - 2013/09/24 07:24:00 PM
For wasting my damn time,killing ordos,going to do extra roll then getting dc because you decided to set a small patch to apply and Dc me,so i come back and have to kill ordos again for a extra loot roll

Thank you so good for this

:Sarcasm mode off:

Now,really.The worst part is than it shows than i havent used any coin for ordos,i go and kill again now and wont let me use my extra roll.Thanks for that too blizz >.>

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#23 - 2013/09/24 09:43:00 PM
The disconnection wouldn't have been because of the patch unless you ran into the restart.

No one got booted prior to the restart. Now, once you were disconnected, yes - then you'd have needed to download the patch.

If rolling on the coin caused a disconnect, you might want to try resetting your UI, a full and proper reset involving your WTF, Cache and Interface folders.