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#1 - 2013/09/24 06:13:00 PM
100+ just isn't enough, lets just make it 1000... let make it the entire focus of the raid

I want to spend my entire life and all my free time killing your trash

its fun because it is so rewarding


Edit: well didn't expect so many responses. I really think Bliz makes spectacular raids that are great to experience one time. It is in the repetition where they suffer and repetition makes long trash periods feel unnecessary as repeating it a large number of times was part of the design. If this was a one shot experience, they could put in tons and tons of trash. But it is not.

I personally feel like the 2nd wing has too much trash. Going to get old fast, really fast. Peeps are doing this every single week for months and often on 1 or more alts as well. I don't expect zero trash but I do expect a good gameplay experience tailored for 20-40+ repetitions that don't result in total boredom or annoyance.

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#9 - 2013/09/24 06:26:00 PM
I eren't seen too many city siegin's, but I reckon them cities a full a people that twern't takin' too kindly to no siegin'.