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Instability is the name of the game, and your soul is what’s at stake. This is commonplace all over the world, mind you—you risk serious injury or even death the moment you walk outside. Heck, just go for a stroll through Orgrimmar. Kor’kron wut?! But Azeroth is a dangerous environment for you, your pets, and even your shiny armor . . . if you have any. Don’t let the rays of light from mine blind you!

There are many reasons why you might find yourself in peril, and quite a few of them can be traced back to Lady Vashj. A vicious servant of Illidan’s, Vashj is responsible for unspeakable actions that have corrupted numerous mindless followers. One such manifestation of her ill-temperament is the elemental Hydross—and your charge is to vanquish this wet blanket in the name of polished shields and brilliant hauberks everywhere! Lay waste to this gurgling spout of poison, and you may very well walk away with the greatest form of mockery ever to exist: a miniature version of the foe you’ve defeated! Bwaahahaha, look at the teensy you!

Taint their minds with your knowledge, pugmeister!


Crithto: Well, Payne’s removed the suspense once again, but the prize you’re after is the Tainted Waveling. A loathsome creature, this pet is capable of incredible burst damage by coupling Acidic Goo with Ooze Touch. If you’re as ill-tempered as Lady Vashj, though, you’re welcome to decompose your opponent in a torturous manner by using Corrosion, Poison Spit, and Creeping Ooze. Rumors suggest the Tainted Waveling is the “Earl of Puddles,” but no one’s said what those puddles are. I suspect they’re the remains of someone’s team of pets!

I like that, Crithto! The Earl of Puddles: turning pet teams into stinky billabongs since the corruption of the Highborne.

Alright, you’ve got your marching orders, tamers! Get on out to Zangarmarsh and go for a swim. Set your waypoints to Coilfang Reservoir, but remember, I’ll LAUGH IN YOUR FACE IF YOU DIE TO THE ELEVATOR BOSS!!

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