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#0 - 2010/02/20 02:40:36 AM
I'm sure some of you noticed this in the 3.3.3 PTR patch notes:

  • Frozo the Renowned has moved into the Dalaran Magus Commerce Exchange and will be trading your Frozen Orbs for various other trade goods.

For those curious, here are the items for which you can trade your Frozen Orbs to Frozo. These each cost 1 Frozen Orb unless noted otherwise in parentheses:

  • Crusader Orb (6)
  • Runed Orb (4)
  • Eternal Fire
  • Eternal Earth
  • Eternal Water
  • Eternal Air
  • Eternal Life
  • Eternal Shadow
  • Frost Lotus
  • Pattern: Frosty Flying Carpet [Tailors Only] (6)

PTR Patch 3.3.3 Notes: