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#1 - 2013/09/18 08:46:00 PM
I'm sure many of you have qued up for a pug and ended up getting one or more people in you group from one of the spanish realms. Normally those players then wander about showing that they have no idea how to play the game no matter what level they are.

If they are a dps then its not to big of a deal, however if they are the tank or healer suddenly your group is wiping. The tank is unable to lose aggro or the healer is just sitting there watching everybody die. God forbid if both the healer and the tank are from one of these realms.

Now bad players are just a part of doing pugs, this I freely admit. However if the players speak english its possible to at least point them in the right direction. You can give advice and help them on what spells to use and when. After all many new players use pugs as a way to learn how to play the game. However, when the players do not speak english the language barrier makes that impossible. There is no way to communicate to those players what needs to be done. Because of this you pretty much just have to sit in the group and hope that it will either end quickly, or someone will manage to kick the person from the group.

This didn't used to be a huge problem, I remember ever once in a while I would get a group with a player from one of the spanish realms and while it was annoying it passed fairly quickly and then I was able to get a new group for the next dungeon. But now it seems that almost every other dungeon has at least one of these players in it. Its getting extremely frustrating trying to level up characters when about 1/3 of all the dungeons end in disaster because of one of these players.

What I am suggesting is a separation in the que system from the realms that have a majority of players that speak spanish from the ones that don't. Honestly this really should never have happened to begin with because as a social game, how can you expect players to socialize with one another when they cant even speak the same language?

Just some food for thought.

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#167 - 2013/09/19 01:24:00 AM
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