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#1 - 2013/09/18 01:56:00 PM

So I saw something similar on the US forums, and seems like we need something similar.

This thread will be where you can post your info and battletag, hopefully to find players for cross realm arena.


Faction :
Class :
Spec (s) :
Highest Rating :
Times availble :
Preferential comp(s) :
Other :
Btag :

In the comp section please also specify which bracket you are looking for, eg
Mage Lock Druid (3v3)
Preist Death Knight (2v2)

The other section can be your personal preferences on players, eg English speaking etc.

I will compile the replys into the first few posts to make it easy to sort through players.

Faction : Alliance
Class : Mage
Spec (s) : Frost
Highest Rating : 2000
Times available : 2 pm to around 8-9 pm
Preferential comp(s) : Rogue Mage Preist, Warrior Mage Druid
Other : English speaking preferred
Btag : klime#2361

Faction: Alliance
Class: Rogue. Mage
Spec(s): Subtletly, Frost
Highest Rating: 2450
Times availble: 16 Servertime - 24 Servertime in weekdays. every hour of the weekend.
Preferential comp(s): RPD, RPS, Shatterplay, Shatreeplay, MLS, MLD, RMP, WMP, WMD
Other: Speak fluent english.
Btag: Evaze#2697

Faction: Horde
Class: Rogue
Spec(s): Subtely and Assassination, still trying to find which I like the most now :-)
Highest Rating: 2647
Times availble: All weekend, weekdays we will have to organize a little.
Preferential comp(s): I'm open to most comps but I've always liked RMP very much.
Btag: Lawcon#2214

Faction : Alliance
Class : Rogue
Spec (s) : Sub
Highest Rating : 2215
Times availble : a lot
Preferential comp(s) : RLS, RLD, Thugcleave
Btag : Tabz#2584

Faction: Alliance
Class: Many
Spec: Many
Highest rating: 2500
Times available: usually in the late afternoon/evening
Preferential comps: I don't mind
Battletag: Thornass#2586 (Please, leave a message in your invite, so I know who you are)

Faction : Horde
Class : Shaman and Warlock
Spec (s) : Resto and Destro/afli
Highest Rating : 2.2k and 2.3k
Times availble : Weeks and weekends
Preferential comp(s) : Everything!
Other : You need skype :)
Btag : Zaphani#2923

Faction : Horde
Class : Death Knight
Spec (s) : Blood
Highest Rating : 1700
Times availble : every night
Preferential comp(s) : Double Blood only
Other : Have Mic
Btag : Draconian#1682

Note: I do realise there is a Looking for Players PvP section, however it is largely a dead forum. If this thread expands, it's fine to move it there.

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#5 - 2013/09/18 02:22:00 PM
If you're looking to find some partners for cross-realm arena, I would recommend checking out the fan site PvP-Live. They've been working quite hard to get some cool features on their site and one of them is a feature to assist you with finding partners for arena and Rated BGs.

All you need to do is create an account on their site and then link your WoW characters to your profile. Once you've done that, you can use the chat they have available to find players that best suit your needs. If someone is interested in having you in their team or someone posts something you're interested in, you can have a chat with them, maybe share details to group up and then play a few games together. It's a pretty cool feature that will help you with finding cross, or even same-realm partners for arena and Rated BGs.

Best of luck to you all in season 14! :D