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#1 - 2013/09/17 08:07:00 PM
As brought up in numerous threads and moved to a different forum entirely, the Feldrake change is simply unacceptable. The reason being is that while it's understandable to change something like that immediately after realizing it is a bug, it's wrong to wait an entire year to do so, and do so in a stealth manner with no mention of it in patch notes at all.

Another thing I, and I'm sure a lot of other people take issue with is the forums complete disregard for correct information from Blizzard employees.

This is the first Blue response to the Feldrake bug that was subsequently deleted. It clearly stated that "We are working on bringing the Feldrake back to it's former glory." That implies that it is a known issue that you are working to address. To delete that thread to cover up your lack of understanding of the situation isn't right at all. You're getting people who spent the money on a mount like that excited to know that it IS an issue you're working on fixing, and not simply just leaving it because it was a bug that you never got around to fixing. It's laziness.

The second response states that it is an intentional change to the mount, after a week of us waiting for a response

The problem I have with this, is the numerous layers of disinformation going on from multiple levels of Blizzard staff. You got Sapperwix, a Quality Assurance agent promising us that the Feldrake is to be restored, versus a "Forum Support Agent" telling us it is an intentional change, that was nowhere mentioned in the patch notes. You have people with GM ticket responses stating that they are working to fix the situation, versus it is an intentional change to the mount.

One thing I will say, is that if it's an intentional change, it will be something that will cause a lot of frustration among the TCG community or anyone who owns a Feldrake for that matter. I for one will continue making posts/threads to vent my frustration, and will bring numerous Feldrake owners to these threads as well to show that this is an issue you handled poorly and with Sapperwix promising a fix you should follow through with your statements.

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#31 - 2013/09/18 03:40:00 AM
The Feldrake having ground mount functionality was originally a bug. When the bug got fixed for all drakes, that functionality got removed. A hotfix is being worked on to add ground mount functionality back in for the Feldrake.