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#1 - 2013/09/13 11:30:00 PM

Cotton candy and double rainbows; fluffy clouds and a meadow of wildflowers; dreams of flying like an eagle and an ice-cold brew on a hot day—with so many peaceful things in this world, it’s hard to contemplate them all. And after a long, arduous journey of working to become a Pet Battle champion, I felt it was time to give you a much needed break so you too can find inner peace. Are you ready?!

The task is really very simple: You need only venture to the Timeless Isle, enter the Celestial Tournament hosted by Master Li, decimate three teams of legendary pets tamed by some of Azeroth’s most notable figures, defeat the four legendary Celestial Children, and collect a Celestial Coin. Come back for more and go through the same gauntlet two more times over two weeks to earn a total of three coins. Voila! Now you’ve earned the right to adopt Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen, and thus usher in a newfound zen that’s sure to make all your peaceful dreams come true.

Bwahahaha! You don’t stand a chance!

Uhem . . . see? A walk in the park, right? Or a walk in the arena, as it were. No matter—I’m, like, totally rooting for you to succeed and stuff. *cough*


Crithto: Many of you know better than to let the mere appearance of a pet fool you. The same goes for Xu-Fu, as this lil’ ball of fur has been taught well by Papa Xuen. A combination of abilities like Moonfire and Spirit Claws are sure to rake your opponent into submission. But Xu-Fu also has incredibly powerful defensive spells like Prowl and Feed, which will keep this cub going for the long haul. Trust me, I don’t usually fear tiny kittens, but when it comes to Xu-Fu, I’m glad I’m far, far away in Stormwind!

Look, I expect to receive quite a few communiques from Master Li riddled with guffaws and coarse language—that’s a given. But do me a favor? Could you go be that one tamer who impresses him, huh? IT’S NOT LIKE I’M NOT ASKIN’ A LOT OF YOU HERE!!

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