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#1 - 2013/08/30 07:37:00 PM
...thanks to the 25 percent off sale. He's very cute, with the rolling, tumbling, chasing his tail...

...but I'm still waiting for the combustible rage-fueled genocide. How much longer should I wait for him to make us "BURN. All BURN!"?

Giving him a pet biscuit didn't unlock the new cataclysm, either.

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#10 - 2013/08/30 10:45:00 PM
We Cinder Kittens prefer to bide our time. Despite our fiery nature, we prefer the cool, calm, and collected approach.

Oh, your time will come, make no mistake. One day, when we have fini-SCORCH THE INNOCENT, INCINERATE THE UNCLEAN! THIS WORLD WILL DANCE AS ASHES IN THE PURIFYING FLA-uhhhh... Yeah. One day.