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#1 - 2013/08/29 05:17:00 PM
Blizzard isn't ready to show off any of the new player models yet, but hopefully will have an announcement soon.

Fair enough. Soon™

One of the human models was changed six years ago and there was a large uproar over how the eye blink changed.

This was literally non-existant, there were no issues here at all and I've been here for literally the longest time -- less than 10% of players at MOST, hardly an "Uproar".

Changing the player model risks causing players to no longer feel attached to their character.

Although this is true every character looks the same with no modifiers at all and I think the majority of players (Myself included) would be welcome to the change...

....The reason why most people don't play certain races is because they look like they were made 8 years ago, and granting old races a new paintjob is certainly going to help people playing nothing but pandas and sparkle elves - which really is a problem, let me tell you, I'm sick of seeing monk panda healers when leveling up alts - it's almost as tragic as DK's.

Now, a tall proud orc like garrosh? or a Tauren that didn't look like he was made out of plasticine and cardboard? I'd happily play any day of the week.

Also, do what you did with the water and allow players to switch back to old models (Like old water) if they feel like doing so.

Also, Blizzard - you really are contradicting yourself - you facelifted HALF OF AZEROTH and are worried about a few player models? pfft.

What's that thing you always say? The game keeps moving FORWARD? then hurry up and move it forward.

Upgrading player models has never been done successfully in an MMO.

This is just lies, Everquest, EQ2, Runescape only to mention a few -- and I'm certain there are almost thousands of other occurences of model changes.

You upgraded my tiger pets model this expansion, did I complain? no, Spots has never felt more alive.

You upgraded Thrall, I'm pretty sure the majority of orcs want orc models like thralls, you upgraded voljin, again, I think the case is also the same. You upgraded Sylvanas, now she's like all super hawt.

Stop making excuses...I know you're worried Blizzard about your stocks, but come on, you can't just slap more races on the race pile without upgrading what's already there, and let's face it, you doomed the game the second you introduced pandas. I'm certain that if you pull a Cataclysm V2 on outland it'll work out better for you, because let's face it -- outland was the best expansion you've ever made, and when you DO FINALLY release these models old players WILL come back.

And another thing while I'm here Blizzard.

Do us some fan service and at least revitalise BC dungeons for christ sake.


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#9 - 2013/08/29 05:54:00 PM
There's a virtually identical thread about this going already, please carry on your thoughts there :)