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#1 - 2013/08/27 04:25:00 PM
If you play a Warlock on PTR please do the heroic raid tests today as a destro warlock so that we can get some hard data that says that destro warlocks suck. GC finally posted a comment on twitter about destro warlocks and is either completely clueless or completely ignorant on how badly the spec is suffering, regardless he asked for raid logs. There is a serious lack of data on destro warlocks and we have little if not any data at all to show him.

Greg Street ‏@Ghostcrawler 19h

@rendezvouswrama @holinka We're balancing around their DPS, not ember generation. Is the issue you're worried DPS is low or you like embers?

Greg Street ‏@Ghostcrawler 14h

@AustinGincott Any source or data we can look at for Destro DPS being low on PTR?

Our damage was nerfed by nearly 33% as a result of RoF, while RoF did NOT cause large amounts of damage RoF accounted for nearly 1/3rd of our ember generation which in turn allowed us to cast more CB's. It's not so much about buffing conflag or incinerate and even Immolate further but rather making it so that we can generate embers properly, as it stands on PTR in an AOE situation of <5 we become ember starved relatively quickly and can barely maintain AOE. We can not generate the embers necessary on single target fights as well to maintain competitive damage without RoF OR some kind of ember compensation. The 10% immolate buff only accounts as a 1-2% damage increase. 1-2% buff=/=33% damage reduction.

Furthermore the KJC nerfs hit destro especially hard because now we are forced to choose between casting a 3 second CB and moving to avoid damage, I am NOT trying to argue that KJC needs to be reverted but what I AM saying is that we need to be compensated for this to be viable this patch. Both Affliction and demo were not hurt as badly by KJC's nerf as destro was because they have more insta-casts available to them, destro has ONE. On top of this our new tier set scales little if at all with destro's damage further hindering the spec.

Some of you may argue that we should just respec out of destro and while that's all well and good I do not want to be forced to play a spec I'm just not interested in I find both affliction and Demo boring and it goes against blizz telling us "to play the spec you enjoy." I can't enjoy something that is boring or isn't compeitive.

If you are a warlock PLEASE raid tonight as destro and record your logs to hopefully prove to the devs that the spec legitimately needs a rework. Please post your results here so that we can gather as much data as possible and post those results on GC's twitter. I know that this might be a long shot but I feel this is going to be the ONLY chance we will have to try to save the spec before the patch goes live since this was the first response made to destro locks since the PTR opened.

Thanks for your time

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#43 - 2013/08/29 05:49:00 PM
We agree that Destruction is a bit low in 5.4. We also recognize that, particularly after the Kil'Jaeden's Cunning changes, Chaos Bolt has become a "riskier" spell to cast. To both ends, we think a Chaos Bolt buff is in order. We're going to bring it up by 15% and see where that puts things.

Our general philosophy for Destruction in 5.4 is that casting Chaos Bolt can be tricky sometimes -- working around interrupts and LOS in PvP, or sneaking them in between periods of movement in PvE -- but when the cast goes off, it hurts. A lot. We do have to be careful not to push things TOO far, but we'll see how things go from here.

This change was applied via hotfix sometime yesterday, so it should already be live on the PTR if you'd like to get some testing in.