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#1 - 2013/08/29 12:13:00 AM
Hey guys,

How do I improve the performance of my WoW installation?

My system is:
i7-3930K @4.2GHz (I have also tried at stock, but it made no difference)
evga NVidia Geforce GTX 690
ASRock X79 Extreme4
Kingston 4x4GB 2400MHz

I am experiencing severe FPS drops (5 FPS or lower) whenever I am in Orgrimmar or other places with a lot going on at the same time.

I expect to be able to run it with everything at the highest graphics setting, anisotropic filtering and multi-sampling at 4x minimum and still get 60+ fps at minimum.

Are there ways to Optimize WoW? Can you guide me in the right direction?

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#12 - 2013/08/29 09:46:00 AM
Hi Shifthoof,
Your system is quite powerful and should be more than enough for a super smooth experience in WoW.
I’d recommend using the support forums for this issue though, as most of the times these kind of issues are tied to common problems for which other players and our support team have already found some of the possible solutions.

There are some things that you might still want to check, addons for example, are typically a major culprit in these situations, bugged video card drivers, misconfiguration of the console variables, etc…
Here’s a link to a post where I talked about some important variables that might be influencing your system’s performance:

Good luck, hope it helps!