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#1 - 2013/08/20 11:28:00 PM
LFR destroyed social life on servers.


1.You dont need to have WoW friends on server, you have LFR
2.You can be rude toward other people because, you have LFR
3.You can be guildless because, you have LFR
4.You can wear same armor as hardcore raider just diferent collor,because you have LFR
5.You can be mega noob into instance, even if you get kicked you got LFR for next run.
6.You dont need to know anyone on server, to make grp, who cares when there is LFR
7.LFR really allowed rise of bottom line players,scums, and other bad type of people/players

Since LFR is relased server feel very cold , people dont need each others....
I really remember time when good WoW friend was of value, with LFR people start to live like hermits.

Casuals always say "We wish to see endgame content" , im ok with that....go in LFR m8, and see the content, practice even ...but LFR shoud reward NO LOOT !!! same refer to LFD for 5man instances.

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#57 - 2013/08/22 08:16:00 AM
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