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#1 - 2013/08/19 06:04:00 PM
I made this suggestion once but now I have a more reformed idea of what it should be. So here's the idea.

Mine Trolley Mount
Lvl 60 Journeyman Riding

Requires 300 Blacksmithing

4 Enchanted Elementium Bars
100 Steel Bars

The idea would be that its a Mine Trolley which can move without needing tracks or a conventional power source. (If you have an issue with this I point you towards the Flying Carpet and the fact the world is entirely fantasy)

It would hold the owner and an extra passenger.

Would look very similar to he the ones you see around Azeroth mines. Would be a single Mine Trolley.

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#14 - 2013/08/19 11:42:00 PM
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