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#1 - 2013/08/19 12:24:00 PM
Very often I'm seeing Blue posters lock up threads saying the copy/paste line "There are existing threads on this topic. If you’d like to add anything further, please continue the discussion in one of those."

Now, this is a good initiative and I'm not saying it's a bad idea. But please, -please- link the existing threads or merge them into one discussion thread. If you leave people hanging (as the "existing threads" tend to actually get buried unless it's a hot topic on the first page for hours at a time) they'll have no idea where to post, feel put out and in some cases they will just make another, similar thread a few days later. If you make it clear which thread is suitable for discussing a topic, there will be less duplicate threads of the same topic.

k, thx and bai.

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#23 - 2013/08/19 02:50:00 PM
We do occasionally link to threads if we want people to discuss something in one particular place, but we prefer to avoid naming a specific thread if possible, especially if there's more than one thread on the topic, which is often the case.

We're not here to shepherd the topics neatly into individual slots, but sometimes lock threads to prevent too many duplicates popping up so that we can gather feedback for the developers a little easier.

Having said that, I'll echo Doomsinger's earlier advice and ask you to send any feedback on the forums and the Community staff to [email protected], instead of posting it here in the game discussion forum :)