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#1 - 2013/08/15 02:43:00 PM
So, I was looking at representation numbers for DPS from normal to heroic (Lei Shen Kills). Now, this will seem fairly obvious, but I want to make sure Blizzard is actually aware of the complete inequality right now between melee and range.

Below is a table, it has which class, if they're range or melee (shaman and druid have one of each), the % of distribution for normal kills, % of distribution for heroic kills, and the % change between the two. Meaning, I took the sum of all kills by spec, rolled it into melee or range by class, and see if the same distribution carried over from normal to heroic.

As you would expect, the % increase from normal to heroic is absolutely dominated by range. The only melee that actually had a higher representative distribution in heroic were rogues. And conversely, hunter was the only range that dropped (which everyone knows they are in need of some buffs).

Class Range/Melee % Normal Distribution % Heroic Distribution % Change from Normal to Heroic
Druid Range 5.14% 8.80% 171.29%
Rogue Melee 9.16% 11.54% 125.92%
Priest Range 8.45% 9.13% 108.00%
Mage Range 13.89% 14.33% 103.19%
Warlock Range 15.66% 16.05% 102.47%
Shaman Range 8.64% 8.68% 100.35%
DK Melee 5.91% 5.83% 98.61%
Shaman Melee 3.33% 2.97% 89.17%
Warrior Melee 5.46% 4.67% 85.43%
Hunter Range 14.94% 12.48% 83.52%
Druid Melee 1.86% 1.34% 71.76%
Paladin Melee 4.79% 2.81% 58.77%
Monk Melee 2.76% 1.38% 50.15%


Class Range/Melee % Normal Distribution % Heroic Distribution % Change from Normal to Heroic
Druid Range 5.28% 8.55% 161.83%
Shaman Range 5.96% 8.43% 141.28%
Mage Range 12.87% 16.78% 130.32%
Warlock Range 14.26% 15.59% 109.29%
Priest Range 8.22% 8.87% 107.96%
Rogue Melee 10.39% 11.21% 107.82%
Hunter Range 11.48% 12.12% 105.61%
Shaman Melee 3.36% 2.89% 85.87%
DK Melee 7.20% 5.66% 78.70%
Warrior Melee 7.98% 4.53% 56.84%
Druid Melee 2.68% 1.30% 48.45%
Paladin Melee 6.10% 2.73% 44.77%
Monk Melee 4.21% 1.34% 31.94%

My question is: Blizzard, with the obvious inequality of melee in heroic encounters (based on pure statistics and not subjectively), what is being done to fix this? So far all I've seen has been nerfs across the board for almost all melee, especially melee hybrids (the specs at the bottom of the list). The PTR cycle seems entirely counter intuitive to what actually needs to happen.

EDIT - Faderoll created a thread that lists each boss for melee/range friendliness in SoO

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#16 - 2013/08/15 05:35:00 PM
Balance between ranged and melee DPS is a tough issue to solve (and one we talk about regularly). As the game has evolved over the years, both in class and encounter design, we've certainly gotten to a point where ranged have some strong advantages over melee.

Part of how we try to compensate for this is by giving melee more raw damage in stand-still situations (and we're making some adjustments toward that end in 5.4). Ideally, there should be some fights where ranged tend to come out on top, and some fights where melee tend to come out on top.

We don't think that "not targeted by mechanics" makes a good overall niche for melee. We'll do it in certain cases, but only when absolutely necessary. If we let melee ignore too many mechanics, the fights just get boring.

That said, if there are specific mechanics (particularly in Siege of Orgrimmar) that you feel are too punishing against melee DPS, that's great feedback for us. Occasionally, players will approach encounters differently than we anticipate, which can lead to issues we weren't expecting.