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#1 - 2013/08/04 06:42:00 PM
The introduction of diminishing returns on Vengeance in 5.4 poses a bit of a problem for theorycrafters, in that it will be particularly difficult to test effectively. Part of that is feedback-related, as the only way that I'm aware of to poll Vengeance data is to call UnitBuff(). It would be nice if Vengeance updates triggered a combat log event that we could parse after the fact.

But even with that, there are a large number of ways that this diminishing returns system could be implemented, and it's unlikely that we will be able to reverse-engineer and narrow down that implementation very quickly or easily.

In the interest of expedience, could you please provide an official overview of the calculations being performed behind-the-scenes once they have been determined? That will save us (okay, me) a lot of time and allow the community to provide much more accurate and useful feedback about the changes in a more timely manner.


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#12 - 2013/08/06 07:41:00 PM
Here’s some details on exactly how the multi-target diminishing returns are set to work in 5.4. Warning: here there be maths.

The basic, concise explanation is as follows: The Nth strongest (based on pre-mitigation average auto attack DPS) mob that has hit you in the last 5 seconds grants 1/Nth of full vengeance with their attacks. N is recalculated on every hit taken.

So here’s an example. Say you’re tanking 3 mobs – we’ll say it’s a boss and two adds. The boss has pre-mitigation average auto attack DPS of 1500k, one add does 400k, and the other add does 300k. The game will form a list of those mobs from 1-3, like so:
1. Boss: 1500k DPS, 1/1 (100%) of normal vengeance is granted
2. First add: 400k DPS, 1/2 (50%) of normal vengeance is granted
3. Second add: 300k DPS, 1/3 (33.333%, repeating of course) of normal vengeance is granted

This would of course continue as more mobs are being tanked (granting 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, and so on). Also, if the second add were to land a hit at any point when the first add hasn’t attacked you in the last 5sec (such as if it swings first), that attack would grant 1/2 Vengeance instead of 1/3.

Hope that clears things up for the theorycrafters.