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#1 - 2013/08/01 01:11:00 PM
This isn't a request for beta, a question if it's out yet, or a request for a response from blue, or anything like that. Though it would actually be cool if Zeriyah wanted to answer the below questions herself though...

Let's assume Beta is out, and you got in...

Ok, are you done screaming, yelling, kissing everything in sight, dancing a jig, maybe doing Gangnam style...? (my personal favorite is the guy with the adult onesie on in the elevator)


Now, it's installed. Yes, you managed to get it installed somehow with your fingers quivering and shaking like they are...

Now, with trepidation, you click on the Hearthstone shortcut icon; but not to fret, it's actually loaded up, and you didn't get an error 37! Yay! The hard part is over!

Or is it? What will you choose to do now?

I assume we will have to play at least 1 match in the tutorial - but maybe not.

Are you going to get straight to dropping money on decks and get right into the 1v1 PvP?

Maybe spend money and get right into the Arena?

Are you going to level up a bunch of classes to unlock more cards?

Are you going to have to change your underwear from all of the excitement?

Me, I plan on leveling up some classes first, vs-AI wise, take it slow, and enjoy the scenery. I'll have plenty of time to hop into 1v1 and Arena later. I will probably spend a few bucks here and there to help support this effort by Blizz - even though they don't NEED the cash, I still want to support them in this model and Hearthstone as a game in general. I will check out the different classes and playstyles, see what fits with what I like to do, and take it easy. It's gonna be great! Except the underwear part...

So what about you guys?

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#42 - 2013/08/02 09:59:00 PM
I'll certainly be watching a lot of streams, reading all of the fresh new articles out there on our fansites and all over the internet, taking careful notes on feedback from the community to give to the developers, creating some fun new articles for the site, coordinating things with fansites, answering questions ...

Oh, you mean NOT work related?

I really love the feeling of opening booster packs in Hearthstone, so I'll be picking up a good amount of them and sharing some of my epic pack cracks on Twitter, though I don't think I'll ever beat Ben and Eric's one pack golden Legendary luck ... but I'll try!

I'll probably focus on my Paladin and Priest collection first, and I know I'll be spending a lot of time in the Arena. Deck-building is one of my favorite aspects of the game; I can't settle on just one deck and play it forever! I'm always trying to think of new, fun card combinations, even if they don't always win every game.

Yeah! That's a good start.