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#1 - 2013/07/31 01:51:00 PM
Yesterday I saw someone in trade chat offering to exchange Blizz store mounts for in-game currency. Seeing as I have plenty of gold and an unwillingness to spend actual money on vanity items anymore, it seemed like a sweet deal to me but I'm not sure if the transaction is technically a violation of Blizzard policy.

Correct me if I am mistaken, but when looking at the linked mount item in-game it says it's 'bind on pickup,' which I assume means I'd be exchanging gold for a redemption code. Sounds iffy at the very least. Not sure if this qualifies as exchanging in- and out-of-game items. If I'm totally wrong and they are BoE now then just shout out me; it's one of the times I'd be glad to be incorrect.

Is this type of purchase against the terms, not supported (meaning you can do so at your own risk but Blizzard won't bail you out of something goes wrong), or is it fully sanctioned?

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#39 - 2013/07/31 04:09:00 PM
The rule of thumb is simple.

If it's not exchangeable/reedemable IN GAME, don't use gold for it. That includes any code that has to be redeemed OUTSIDE the game.

If you see people advertising for such things, please do use the report functions. FWIW, not only is this not allowed, they are almost always scams.