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#1 - 2013/07/27 09:20:00 PM
Hey HS Community,
So after watching the most recent livestream, I think it would be a good idea to seriously evaluate the time given per turn. It is currently set at 90s, and I think it should be reduced to 60s (or if you consider that too harsh, 70s) for the following two reasons.

Minor Reason
If players troll or are trying to do seven other things while playing, it reduces the amount of time the other player needs to wait.

MAJOR Reason
90s is far too much time. I think proof of this is that during the live stream, despite answering viewer questions, deliberating back and forth what to do, and just making jokes in general, Ben and Eric NEVER CAME CLOSE to running out of time (the fuse never even appeared ONCE!). If you take into account their previous stream, the fuse only appeared ONCE.

I think a minute is more than enough time to figure out what to do, and would encourage faster gameplay. Let me know your thoughts.

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#49 - 2013/07/30 06:46:00 PM
While 90s may seem long at first glance, it actually passes by rather quickly. It's something we'll continue monitoring as time goes on.