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#1 - 2013/07/29 09:48:00 PM
Hello Blizzard, I want to present an interesting thought that might have been voiced before, but I have not heard it. I was going to email it, but I can't find an address for this sort of thing.

I've been playing WoW ever since the Burning Crusade expansion. I have therefore experienced most of the changes in WoW's history. I, for one, have enjoyed pretty much every expansion.

That being said, there are aspects of each previous expansion I miss. While I am not one of the complainers, I bring them up to show that my idea might have the potential to become popular, and maybe bring back former players who left while complaining.

Have you ever thought of having retro servers? By that I mean servers that host the game as it was in the final patch of classic WoW and each expansion after that. So, you would have some servers where the game play and content available was exactly as it was the patch before Burning Crusade, then some others as it was the patch before Wrath of the Litch King, etc.

I think this could attract many, many people. A lot of people who left because the game became, to use their words, "soft" (as in, added features like group finder, lower level mounts, LFR, dual spec etc) might return and play the game as they remembered it and enjoyed it.

Others, like myself, have enjoyed each expansion on it's own terms. I myself am a "laid back player" - in BC the only raid I did was Karazan (sp? been a while) and I never got past the fourth boss. I was the most "hard core" in LK - I did ever raid and downed every boss except Arthas. In Cataclysm I was mostly pvp because my life was speeding up and I couldn't devote hours to raiding. In Mists of Pandaria, I have been mixed, mostly pvp but doing lfr just to enjoy the story lines.

With every expansion has come new features and loss of other features and I have enjoyed all of them. But just the other day I was like, "You know, I have a real desire to play B.C. content again, with it set up like it was in the days where it was the endgame content. I want to level up a character and the leveling process have it's old difficulties like only one spec and choosing between bonus healing and bonus damage (my first character was a resto druid, back before dual spec and when spell power was still broken into bonus damage and healing...questing was, to put lightly, strenuous...but even without group finder, I always could do a dungeon because I was in such high demand as a healer). And...I can't lie...I really want to fight Mr. Smite again *laughing with embarrassment*.

If you fear people not buying the new expansions and hurting profits, you could always make it a pre-requsiite to own every expansion for playing on retro servers.

Just a thought from a long time player and fan.

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#26 - 2013/07/30 12:19:00 AM
We do appreciate your feedback! Even if a particular idea has been stated before, we do ask that you be mindful of each other and respond civilly. As the thread has gone a bit off the rails here, I will be locking this up. Thank you for your understanding.