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#1 - 2013/07/29 08:54:00 PM
I am a casual.

I do not presently raid at any regular intervals.

I was immensely excited for LFR when it was announced because I did not get to experience much of Firelands.

Now, LFR is my only option.

And it is awful.

LFR has completely obliterated any sense of epicness that could have ever encompassed any raid since Dragon Soul. There is absolutely no excitement or drive to actually raid when you can kill a supposedly immensely powerful figure with one finger on the mouse and a broken keyboard.

LFR has done far more bad than good. It should not be a part of the gearing process. The bosses should not drop loot; at the most they should give gold and valor.

Unfortunately these changes will never be implemented. The World of Warcraft community is a toddler who threw a tantrum and got what he wanted; and if Daddy Blizzard takes away your toy you'll kick and scream and cry until you get it back. The damage is irreversible.

Do not even PRETEND that LFR is not the most efficient way to gear, as if ignoring it is an option.

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#224 - 2013/07/29 11:44:00 PM
Thread locked. Folks, please make sure you keep the responses civil, we all appreciate it.