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#1 - 2013/07/27 11:43:00 PM
Every day that we fly around Northrend for hours yet never see a single Unborn Val'kyr (and we've been looking since the day it was announced) we end up hating WoW a little more. The only reason we haven't rage-quit by now is we haven't found a suitable replacement where we can socialize. The endless grinding is also a factor (every single character we have must grind every single day for months on end because the motes of harmony aren't account or guild bound) as is the fact that no matter how hard we strive for decent gear it's all vendor trash the moment you launch another expansion. Do you have any idea how demoralizing that is?

The Unborn Val'kyr bait-&-switch is the last straw. It's obvious now that Blizzard despises the people who pay monthly in order to play their game. To claim that this new pet is available yet make it so rare we never see it in the wild shows how much they detest and loathe us. Rest assured we are fed up with this contemptuous attitude and are actively looking for a new place to meet and play.

It's impossible for us to even feign interest in your new game (Titan?). You've kept it so secret nobody has any interest in what it could be. Your hostility towards us players must be strong indeed when you can't even give us the slightest clue what the secret game could be about. I understand you recently started over with the conceptualization, ever consider the possibility that if you hadn't kept it such a tightly-guarded secret you would have discovered the flaws before you had to reset everything? No, of course not, you are the masters and we are nothing but your cash cows undeserving of any recognition or respect.

Go ahead and flame me all you want, I'll never return to read them. These forums are so full of trolls, griefers and idiots who respond with ignorance without ever reading the original post thoroughly that it's a waste of time to even bookmark the "discussion." It's impossible to have any kind of conversation in these forums so my friends and I have given up on even trying.

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#55 - 2013/07/29 10:55:00 PM
I’ll be locking the thread here as the post is framed in a way that may not be best poised to generate constructive feedback. That said, we do want to encourage you to help us by sharing your thoughts about what you like and what you don’t, and it’s important to do so in a civil and considerate way. We ask that players refrain from name calling, as these kinds of generalizations are sure to bring about more upset posts which tend to spiral out on their own. Thank you for your understanding.