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#1 - 2013/07/28 03:59:00 AM
How many are aware of the Treant Trick to take the Scatter Traps off you? I honestly did not look it up. Time the Treants with the obviously incoming trap and it never fails. The trap will hit the treant instead and you can /lol at the sad huntard who failed his trap.

Although this trick is pretty neat, I'm still curious if people still prefer to roll with incarnation for the extra heals rather than to Tree the Scatter Traps.

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#4 - 2013/07/29 03:34:00 PM
That is actually very interesting and surprising to me lol, I shall try this tonight on my recently levelled druid, have been playing only arena since level 90 and I simply continued using the same play style I did in Cata, using some new spells ofc, but mostly I just let muscle memory do the rest eheheh…

So you can actually use Force of Nature while stunned/disoriented? I must say I wasn’t aware of this yet, I will miss Incarnation but this can be a game changer vs certain comps, and that will make you not have to rely so much on incarnation anyway.

Hmm… I can only imagine the things one could do if Force of Nature acted the same for resto as it does for feral dps eheheh…. Inc chain CC! Oh wait, Treant stun, Displacer Beast!