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#1 - 2013/07/25 06:49:00 PM
Hi all,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Alex and I am, well, not too young any more :)
I have tried to reach the Hearthstone team via several ways (Twitter & Co), unfortunately never received a response. So I play my last card (that’s pretty awesome in a TCG) and try to apply as a forum moderator directly in the Forum. Perhaps that should have been my first guess…

So why do I apply? I already bring in some experience. I was supporting the full Battleforge Beta and GoLive phase as a forum moderator. I had to stop this activity because of my university exams and therefore was not able to follow this game any longer (btw, I loved it).
Also my knowledge about the Blizzard Universe is pretty good. I played everything, Warcraft, Diablo, WoW, and Starcraft (which is my favorite). I am also following the development of Hearthstone very actively even if I do not post too much in here(, yet).

Why do I think I would be the best person for this job?!
In general I have a calm attitude, which is always good in my opinion when dealing with different opinions and point of views. In addition to that my English is overall not too bad(I am German native) which makes it quite easy in a global and internal team to communicate. I am more or less online 24/7 (which is actually not true but you know what I mean :)) and familiar with all kind of internet technologies. Based on my real-life job(even if I hate this expression), I earned a lot of project experience which might help as well. Even if you do not actually need forum moderators right now, I am pretty sure that when it is starting (either beta or full go live), the doors will be overrun.

I would really love to be in this team, and help wherever and whenever I can.
Please consider my application and if you need more information or details, feel free to come back to me at any time.

Take care,

Community Manager
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#5 - 2013/07/25 07:42:00 PM

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but we do not have forum moderators that are not Blizzard employees. We do have an MVP program, but even MVPs cannot moderate the forums or have special powers. They offer assistance and advice wherever they can and assist us CMs in answering commonly asked questions.

You can find out more about the MVP program here. The best way to be nominated to be an MVP is to be a strong, helpful, reliable forum poster with a good track record.

Never too late to start!