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#1 - 2013/07/23 07:43:00 PM
When mindgames reffers to the opponent's deck does that essentially mean

"Any card the opponent has that is not in their hand, field, or has been used/destroyed"

Or does the "deck" reffer to simply ANY card the opponent put in their deck regardless of its position of being in the hand, field, "deck" (as in card not yet drawn), or destroyed/used

For example:

Say my foe has Tirion in his hand, Imp Master out one the field knight in his deck

If I play mindgames which one (or one(s) ) are possible targets for the skill to copy.

Again I am pretty sure it means deck as in "Cards the opponent has not yet drawn" but just making sure.

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#8 - 2013/07/24 11:06:00 PM
Mindgames will only choose from cards that are currently in the deck when Mindgames is played. If a player has drawn a card, has it in their hand or has played it on the field, it can no longer be copied.