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#1 - 2013/07/22 03:05:00 PM
Hello, I’m posting this because I’m in dire need of some sound advice. A couple of months ago I decided to make the step-up from LFR to properly raiding with a guild. I had previously spent weeks searching for a guild that would be suited to my taste and this one had everything I wanted in a guild; they gave it their all and in short, they were elite without being elitist. I thoroughly enjoy raiding with them.

Here’s the issue, it’s currently Ramadan. For those who don’t know Ramadan is a month in which muslims around the world observe fasting. Unfortunately, my raid times clash with the time I need to go and break my fast. I informed my raid-leader and told him that I’d need to go for atleast 15 minutes, he was not happy about this but he accepted nonetheless. When I came back however, I noticed a change – the once warm and friendly mood had been switched off, it felt as if I had been the subject of conversation, I felt alien.

The raid leader spoke and said this will be the last time they’ll do this for me, he then claimed that my performance in this run had been sub-par and he attributed my fast to this. He gave me an ultimatum, I either stop fasting or my “raiding career will be up.”

I don’t want to compromise my beliefs, but I also don’t want to give up my raiding guild. Most other guilds raid at the same time so I’m worried that they’ll take the same stance.

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#301 - 2013/07/24 08:14:00 PM
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