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#1 - 2013/07/23 04:22:00 PM
Was watching an interesting duel on Cockatrice yesterday against a Paladin and Priest...

Paladin played a Wild Pyromancer + spell to wipe the board and then dumped some of low cost minions and passed his turn.

The Priest played Shadow Madness on the Pyro...The question was when is the spell actually considered resolved...

Does the Pyro come into play on the Priest side and then Shadow Madness resolves, causing his battle cry effect to trigger.


Does Shadow Madness resolve before he comes over?

The moderator ruled on the second option but I'm still not 100% sure...any thoughts?

Edit ** to correct my sleep deprivation errors ***

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#10 - 2013/07/23 05:11:00 PM
Shadow Madness takes control of Wild Pyromancer, and then the Pyromancer will trigger and deal 1 to all minions.

Wild Pyromancer says "After you cast a spell..." and so is paying attention for when a spell finishes doing everything it wants to do. By the time the spell is finished, the Pyromancer is on your side and is wide awake!