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#1 - 2013/07/22 07:09:00 PM
First off I want to say that all of the changes I see coming with 5.4 for warriors so far look good. The gcd/macro removal for spell reflect and shield wall are nice changes for warrior PVP that seem to be in the best interest of the class. Although I did like the mechanic of having to sacrifice damage to go defensive with a shield and 1h it was a dinosaur at this point in the game in comparison to a lot of other classes capabilities.

That being said I feel like there needs to be more changes to address warrior survivability in PVP. Second wind is a great ability that feels mandatory in PVP, but holding at 35% in both rated battlegrounds and any arenas other than 2v2 in the games current state isn't enough since you can be bursted right through it by 2 or more dps without much effort from them. All of this in mind I think that it needs to be made baseline for warriors and another healing ability added to the healing tier of talents. Before anyone worries too much that this would be too much I'd like to point out that I am suggesting trying this on PTR where no changes made are final.

To address the issue with safeguard feeling mandatory because of the root/snare break I suggest adding an ability baseline for warriors that breaks roots/snares and removing the effect from the safeguard talent.

another suggestion I want to throw out there is making Bladestorm baseline for arms warriors and adding another stun onto that tier to replace it (Throwdown maybe?) this would help warriors further with root issues and might even be just enough to put arms warriors where they need to be for PVE damage, essentially solving some issues for both PVP and PVE with one simple change.

with these changes tagged onto the current ones existing on ptr I think that warriors would be in a perfect spot and any other changes needed for PVP(and even PVE) lye with other classes.

I actually have several other ideas on none class specific changes that I feel are needed for PVP and plan to open up a thread for those that are interested and like the ideas I've thrown out there.

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#2 - 2013/07/22 08:05:00 PM
We definitely appreciate the feedback but lets try to keep things somewhat consolidated: Thanks!