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#1 - 2013/07/20 06:55:00 PM
These icicles are a complete joke. Even if they are buffed in some sort of incredible way, they will be lame.

This is the moment to make frost mages more reliant on frostbolt again. I've been saying this since MOP came out; remove mage bombs, transfer dmg to frostbolt and put frost at WOTLK status again.

For once please let the spec be more interesting for PVP than PVE. Find some way, just some thing out there to make icelance do some insane damage in pve and proc more often or something. I know the pve dudes like procs, there you go.

Return COC nova.

Increase Frostbolt base damage by even more.

Please. Please. Or make it so in pve only frost fire bolt gives 20% more dmg or something on a short debuff (FIRE AND FROST VULNERABILITY OF THE DRAGON SLAYER) or some other stupid name. That way frost mages in pve are forced to cast frostbolts for the proc and maintain it with FFB casting or something.

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#25 - 2013/07/22 08:02:00 PM
Lets try to consolidate things a bit. Please continue the discussion here: