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#1 - 2013/07/16 06:45:00 PM
So they're adding some store items.. Who cares?

1. Transmog Items - Okay.. Some people that have money and support Blizzard can buy them. Perfectly Fine..

2. Pets and Mounts - Once again doesn't give any 1 player any sort of edge over another..

3. 100% XP Boost - This right here is PERFECTLY fine with me.. I've played this game since 04, I've leveled every race and every class numerous times. I've had 2 or 3 different accounts over the course of time. I for one would absolutely love something like this. It gives NO advantage over other players at level cap and it just increases the speed at which you level up. There is RaF (300%) That needs to be paid for, there is a 300% XP gain Elixir IN-GAME that you can farm (If your server isn't overly populated you can stock up quite a few of these). But THIS ITEM RIGHT HERE Seems to be the MOST controversial.

Also! Everyone has just been complaining so much on the forums over it even though they have announced it's for a test run in ASIA! Although I do wish it gets migrated over to US servers because I for one would really enjoy that XP boost.

All that being said I do have a question about it. If you buy it once is it an account-wide boost you can use? Or just for one character or an X amount of time?

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#121 - 2013/07/17 06:29:00 PM
Constructive feedback is welcome, but please keep it to the main thread: