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#1 - 2013/07/16 04:32:00 AM
So first they take our 15% dmg reduction away. But then give us some armor which is still a 5% nerf even before weaken armor effects are put on us.

Now they take away Moonbeast glyph?

I now have to come out of form to heal again.
When we had to do this before we had more healing options! We could build up lifebloom on our self while we run along with other hots and then come back knowing we will get a end bloom while in form. Now we have to come out use a rejuv or cast a 2+ sec heal leaving myself open for cc.. Any melee with a stun will wait for this and stun me out of form which takes away all of the little armor you gave us and then some with any weaken armor debuff.

The 10% dmg reduction from trinkets have been change to resilience about 3% dmg reduction. And you release a whole list of op Pve trinkets that will be by far better then the pvp one even with the set bonus.

I just dont understand the changes blizz is doing to boomkin. You buff resto to the point of being op, and nerf boomkin over and over? Are there to many boomkins in high rating arena im not seeing? Is there someone out there that can help me understand these changes? There will be nothing stopping any teams from training a boomkin from start of the arena till he drops.

Very confused on why a spec that only a handful of players can make it above 2.2k with is being nerfed to the point of not being able to play in arena.

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#30 - 2013/07/16 05:46:00 PM
Fairly sure this is going to be brought baseline soon.

Correct. :)