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#1 - 2013/07/16 03:55:00 PM
I was thinking about a thread i was reading yesterday or the day before, someone was complaining his gm was abusing his guild by pocketing the gold they earn. This got me wondering what is the legitimate, intended use for this gold?

The only few things i can think of is, bank slots, repairs, and possibly loaning some to a member so they can work a profession. Anything i can think of other than that would not benefit the guild really.

So to prevent this type of abuse by guild GMs, could blizzard not just tweak the perk so the gold gets funneled into a repair and bank tab type account where it can not be withdraw? Perhaps instead of this perk generating gold it generates a guild type currency where you can purchase build guild repairs for your guild to use, and other guild things.

What tweak would you make, that prevents this kind of exploitation and abuse from a guild gm? Hell do it right and it might even raise the worth of guilds in a way, if they can make it so guilds can not be exploited in this way, the deadbeat GMs might not create guilds.

EDIT: Alright, can we all agree that blizzard intended that gold to be used to enrich your guild, not to turn your GM into a pimp that snatches gold and uses it as they see fit?

It doesn't matter what technical interpretations you have made out of it, that was the intended use for the gold. I doubt when they made the guild perk that gives you gold, i doubt they intended people make guilds so they can leech free gold from people.

If the Gm is using the gold as intended, fine, but not all GMs are doing that, also i can't believe i have to even type this, i'm sure you all understood this going in, unless you're trolling.

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#33 - 2013/07/16 04:37:00 PM
For our guild, the gold we accumulate goes towards repairs for those of us who regularly help advance the guild, participate in raids, or just spend a decent amount of time playing and being a friendly member. We're fairly casual, too, so there really isn't much pressure to fill one specific role. It also helps that our GM is a big geek and more concerned about us having a good time playing than anything else.

Beyond that, some GMs may want to share some of the wealth with new players, new alts, purchasing raid supplies, or other needs of the membership. Not all guilds are the same, though. Some may need to be a bit more protective of the funds they earn (thinking of guilds who are quite large or even well known). Personally speaking, I find that funds used to bolster the ranks and help facilitate the guild's success to some degree is a good thing.