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#1 - 2013/07/15 04:06:00 PM
Hey Guys,

I am extremely happy with the recent announcement of the In-Game Store and would like to raise a few suggestions. I would like to add that I think SW:ToR did an amazing job with their own Store and would love to see it similar here.

Raiders Paradise

I don't have much time to Raid anymore as I got older but I think the Store should have items for Raiders too. Even if some say it is a minority of players that Raid, I think its badge to exclude their playstyle if at all possible:

1) Summoners Rift ($2)
- Allows 1 player to summon entire Raid to current location
- Item becomes unusable after Tuesday reset (Becomes Gray Item)
- Once Gray, sellable to Vendor for 200g

2) Potion of Speed ($5)
- Increases movement speed by 15%
- Stacks with all other movement increases
- Persists through death and lasts 4 hours

3) Guardian of Azeroth ($10)
- Item that can be toggled on in Raid Instance
- Revives all players following a wipe with full HP and previous buffs at refreshed durations
- 2min CD

4) Potion of Competition ($3.50)
- Increases all Dmg, Healing and Dmg Reduction (based on current spec) by 15%
- Persists through death
- Lasts 4 hours

Well those are my initial thoughts for Raiders, please feel free to add thoughts of your own. I have some ideas below for other Playstyles! This cash shop will be a great addition to WoW!


I must admit I am also not much of a PvPer but feel that a lot of people do PvP amd as such there must be something on offer... otherwise it is a big missed opportunity.

1) Wrath of the Horde/Alliance ($10)
- Whenever 4 or more allied players are within 20 yards of the the Battle Standard, upon combat engagement they scream 'For the Alliance/Horde' respectively.

- Horde Special: The player can plant his factions Battle Standard into the corpse of the slain enemy.
- Alliance Special: The player carries his factios Battle Standard proudly with himself.

2) Potion of theBattle Master ($2)
- Increases Resilience by 10% for 4 hours, persists through death

Casual Players and Catchup

As a person who now works full time, has several kids, a wife and other time commitments such as League of Legends. I feel that these options would help greatly with keeping up woth WoW.

Chest of Loot ($5)
- Chance to receive a random item of gear from the current raid instance

Chest of Heroic Loot ($10)
- Chance to receive a random item of gear from the current heroic rwid instance

Achievement Pack ($10)
- Choice of 5 Achievements to unlock from your Achievement Tab

Potion of the Loot Master ($10)
- Upon defeating a boss while potion is active, a loot window opens up and 1 piece of gear may be selected to be looted
- Works only in Flex, Normal and Heroic Raiding.
- Lasts 4 hours and persists through death

Please share your own ideas, I am so happy Activision finally is doing a real cash shop because we're not all kiddies anymore who can play all day!

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#25 - 2013/07/15 08:15:00 PM
All feedback relating to the In-Game Store should be directed in the main thread here.

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