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#1 - 2013/07/15 03:07:00 PM
So it is pretty clear that people are getting all hyped up over this in game store. I can see why, as I have played many MMO's that instituted a p2w system.

But here is where it is becoming just over the top
- The only items being sold are vanity items
- Woah a 100% exp buff? Like leveling isn't quick enough already. It's not like they are getting free gear at 90.
- The transmog gear they are selling is GREY and has NO STATS, it is to make your character look nicer.

I understand everyone is worried about them eventually selling end game gear/etc.
But I am positive that the complaints are noted by Blizzard and just like the XBone they removed what was hyped and complained about.

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#108 - 2013/07/15 07:18:00 PM
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