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#1 - 2013/07/13 06:56:00 PM
Every BG there's always a vast amount of spanish people, depending on the raid size.
These people apparently think that wow revolves around their language/countries. They 1: Never shut up, 2: mostly refuse to communicate in English. Always leading to people flaming the chat and losing focus on the match.
I'm sick and tired of seeing all the hola come estas and upside down questionmarks in my Bg's.

We play on english servers and we can't help the fact that their servers are underpopulated or whatever the reason is they get mixed up with us. give them their own battlegroup. let them wait hours, so what? If they feel too good to play on english servers like the rest of us do, let them wait. I want to be able to discuss tactics with my group without reading ¿Qué? / spanish plzzzz every two seconds.

They're rude and usually their playstyle compares to that of a bot.

Guidelines at the beginning of a bg's in their language saying something along the lines of "Please be aware of the fact that the majority of players in this BG speaks english, please bear this in mind when communicating" or something like that would be a good start. Not hoping it'd actually help, but oh well.

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#122 - 2013/07/15 12:14:00 PM
Hey all. The Spanish/English mixed Battlegrounds were introduced to help with low-level queue times, as we described in this thread:

Players were experiencing very long wait times before this was put into place. We did anticipate a few language barrier issues, but we're keen to continue getting constructive feedback about it—both good and bad—as a whole.

Also, please try to remain on-topic ^^